The Digital Freedom Network was formed at the onset of the current digital rights revolution that has redefined communications and the way we do business, and expanded age-old concepts of properties and rights. The public have struggled to understand and keep pace with these changes. New laws and policies that have been crafted to respond to the Philippine digital age at time lend clarity, but also uncertainty, especially when new regulatory regimes are introduced.

Of the patchwork of laws, regulations and innovations, the Digital Freedom Network is here to make sense, and propose sense. Its experts have rendered crucial research advice on how to best innovate public policy in response to new technologies, working with government agencies such as the Department of Trade and Industry, the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas and the Department of Science and Technology, and with industry groups such as the Financial Technology Alliance.

In 2020, the Digital Freedom Network completed a research paper analyzing gaps in the prosecution of the crime of online sexual exploitation of children, proposing interventions to mitigate existing enforcement gaps. Its experts likewise assisted in the drafting of legislation for the establishment of a regulatory framework for online digital transactions.


The Digital Freedom Network likewise co-presented the popular Digital Transformation Thursdays, a series of weekly webinars focusing on widely talked about emerging issues in law and technology.

The Digital Freedom Network is a duly registered corporation under Philippine law. For inquiries about us, or for opportunities for collaboration, contact

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