About This Project

April 16, 2015, Hotel Intercontinental Manila


Recent events have again demonstrated that as technology rushes into the future, the law will lag behind and leave uncertainty in places where opportunities can be found. Recognizing the outlines of that uncertain landscape is helpful in providing us with the ability to assess risks and guide us in navigating through uncharted paths.


On its 15th year, the Legal Forum series of the Disini & Disini Law Office continues to examine legal gaps in Philippine laws to provide counsel and advice to those who wish to venture into new fields. We believe the challenges for the present (and near future) involve Cybercrime, E-Business regulations and Bitcoins.


Cybercrime creates a toll on economic activity and drags beneficial technologies into darker realms. Recent regulatory changes and developments also complicate the environment for online, mobile and other e-businesses. Moreover, the emergence of Bitcoin may prove to be a major development in economic and social relations as it has the potential to disrupt not only the area of currency but other activities where the technology is applied. Join us at the Disini Tech Legal Forum as we explore these and other issues confronting businesses today.