About This Project

From Prevention to Prosecution
February 24, 2016, Dusit Thani Manila


Recent cybercrime incidents have highlighted the fact that many companies and organizations are vulnerable. Hackers have penetrated multinational banks, entertainment companies, large retailers, and even the U.S. government. Among the motives are industrial espionage, theft of personal information, credit card fraud, and furtherance of a political agenda. More worrisome is the fact that a significant source of cybercrimes are committed by insiders and as a recent hacking of a foreign telco have shown, even teenagers have succeeded in breaching systems once exclusively within reach of only the most sophisticated hackers. As expected, cybercrime incidents have risen consistently year-on-year and there seems to be no abatement in sight.


The Disini Tech Legal Forum on Cybercrime aims to provide companies and organizations with knowledge to formulate an approach that deals with the governance, technical and legal aspects of facing the challenges brought by cybercrime. We have invited experts to discuss technical and practical measures to pre-empt and manage cybercrime incidents and to take curative measures.


On the legal side, the Forum will tackle the policy framework created as a response to these threats such as the recently issued Implementing Rules of the Cybercrime Prevention Act (R.A. 10175). There will be practical tips on investigating, case-building, evidence handling, and prosecuting cybercrimes. The DOJ’s Office of Cybercrime will present their plans and programs. For a frontline perspective, law enforcement officers will discuss recent cybercrime cases they have been handling and share their experiences investigating and combatting modern syndicates.


Taken together, these topics will aid companies in establishing a risk management program to anticipate, deal with, respond to cybercrime events, as well as, implementing preventive measures to deal with the growing risk of cybercrime.


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